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From kid’s tree forts to luxury tree house bed and breakfasts, we can build it!  Tree houses have been a novel in our culture for centuries, originally used for hunting, food storage, and other mechanisms of survival…. tree houses today are usually built to have fun, enjoy life, and be admired for their beauty.  Our tree houses can be equipped with electricity, running water, and/or staircases for easy access.  We build to last and use sustainable building practices which allow movement and space for tree growth over time.  We are experienced building in many different kinds of trees or, in the absence of trees, in poles set in the ground.  The challenge of finding the absolute best situation for your tree house within the trees available is part of the fun and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Our tree houses are custom designed with creativity and innovation that result in the best structure possible within the parameters of the tree(s) where we are building.  Your vision is what we create and when clients desire to be a part of the construction process, we will work side by side with you to create the tree house(s) of your dreams.  Let us know what your dreams are and what led you to calling us, we love talking to clients about the exciting possibilities which lie ahead.

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