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We build suspension bridges for many purposes, some allow you to explore land from above which is otherwise inaccessible while others function as canopy tours between the tree tops.  We usually include canopy walkways and suspension bridges in our canopy tours because they give visitors an opportunity to slow down the tour and take advantage of unique natural features of the property.  If you only want walkways or one or more bridges, we can customize to fit your needs.  For example, we offer to build a walkway only canopy tour which gives a more intimate experience within the natural environment.

The canopy walkway tour can be offered as a side-by-side alternative tour for customers if you already operate a canopy tour.  This option is nice for people who do not want to go zip lining or for visitors more interested in birding and a more relaxed pace.  We can also design foot bridges to allow you to access difficult places on your property, such as swamps or ravines.  We also like incorporating spiral staircases and/or repels with our suspension bridges if desired.  Contact us today so we can help you review your options and move forward with the best plan.

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